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our focus:
geriatrics and
outpatient geriatric rehabilitation

Do you know that felling?

You wake up in the morning and you have to think about what day it is today.

When you get up, you sit on the edge of the bed for a long time to overcome pain or to stabilize your circulation.

You feel increasingly overwhelmed when completing everyday tasks.

External help is necessary, which you find difficult to accept - but without which it is often no longer possible.

You find it difficult to concentrate and you forget important things.

You notice how exhausting it is to formulate your needs and thoughts. You find it harder to speak and you choke more often than before when eating.

Family, relatives and friends are increasingly overwhelmed with your support. Only your family doctor is a trustworthy and competent partner for your concerns.

Geriatric means:

With the increasing biological age of people, the simultaneous presence of suffering, disabilities and a wide range of diseases in different individual forms and life-historical meanings grows.

As a result, independent lifestyles and the quality of life of the elderly are severely restricted in some cases.

With the possibilities of geriatric rehabilitation, this sometimes irreversible process can be improved, slowed down or even stopped.

Geriatric medicine - medicine for the elderly -  deals with chronic diseases, disabilities and functional losses such as mobility disorders, locomotion, concentration, memory, speech, language content, swallowing, self-care and dexterity in everyday activities.

Our goal:

We offer you and your families our professional, specialized help.

We work as a team to ensure that the acute or chronic course of the disease is alleviated and improved - or comes to a standstill.

We want you to regain the greatest possible independence and self-determination - and thus improve your quality of life.

Your mental and physical mobility should be maintained or improved through support.

In the future, you should have a competent contact person in us who will advise, look after and support you.

The aim is to preserve the personal and human life situation in your social environment.

The interaction:

With a comprehensive initial examination by our medical director, your current state of health and your personal life situation will be assessed.

In close cooperation with your family doctor and your family, we create a treatment program tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This is checked at regular therapist conferences and, if necessary, adapted to new requirements.

If necessary, this also includes the supply of aids or a possibly sensible living space adjustment.

Our rehabilitation team consists of geriatricians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. These are specially trained and hired for the treatment of geriatric diseases.

The treatments take place in our practice rooms or, if necessary, as a home visit.

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