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We will personally adapt our diverse and professional offer to your needs, state of health and medical necessity. On this page you can get an insight into our main treatments and diagnostics. If you can't find what you're looking for here, don´t hesitate tocontact us.

Family doctor care

  • Care of the chronical diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)

  • Extensive laboratory diagnostics (blood, urine, swabs, etc.)

  • Operation preparation

  • Medical examinations and certificates (e.g. examination for fitness to dive)

  • Psychosomatic basic care

Check Up (GU35)

  • Individual health check

  • Health check-up from 18 (once)

  • Skin cancer and colon cancer screening

  • Cancer screening for men

Modern technical diagnostics

  • Sonography: Abdominal and urogenital organs, measurement of abdominal veins

  • ​Long-term blood pressure measurement

  • ECG and long-term ECG

  • pulmonary function test

Surgical interventions and wound care

  • Acute and chronic wound care

  • minor surgeries (skin lumps, ingrown toenails, etc.)

  • threads removal

  • Sterile suturing open wounds

orthopedic diseases

  • back pain

  • soft tissue injuries and inflammation

  • Shoulder, knee and hip pain


  • All common recommended (STIKO) vaccinations

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

  • Travel Vaccination Advice

Moderne Technische Diagnostik

  • Sonographie: Bauch- und Urogenitale Organe, Bauchadermessung

  • ​Langzeit Blutdruckmessung

  • EKG und Langzeit EKG

  • Lungenfunktionsprüfung


  • Mit langjährigen Erfahrung begleiten wir unseren Patienten im Seniorenalter

  • Individuelle und angepasste Betreuung mit ein Multiprofessionelles Team (Ergotherapie, Physiotherapie, Logopädie) bei Bedarf

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